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Personalized dynamic
home fragrance

Artificial Intelligence adapts scent to you,
so you don’t have to adapt to it

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Smell through 24 olfactory families and leave your opinion about each one. Our AI system will personalize and craft a unique scent profile for you.


Place Sophy & enjoy

Sophy has a unique airflow that delivers scent all over your home and creates a relaxing atmosphere


Control with Sophy App

Use revolutionary olfactory UI to control your scent, its intensity & Sophy’s light. Try creating your own scents in seconds with a smart AI-powered assistant

Sophy AI dynamically changes the smell according to your mood

Get thousands of personalized fragrance combinations, using Artificial Intelligence

Quiet as a breeze, Sophy evenly distributes the fragrance in your room

Sophy is safe and friendly


Safe to inhale

Convenient and friendly

Premium design

Spill & Residue-free

No fire hazards

Completely quiet

Worry-free usage

Make your home
unique with Sophy

Get Fragrance Test Now sophy